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I finished it on the plane. Maybe I didn't want it to end, or was worried about how it did. The last sentence made me cry. Actually maybe it was supposed to happen when and where it did... I sort of needed to experience that when I did... Thanks for a great read. 

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5 stars! 

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ FavoriteTreat Mikkelson Mystery, Book Two, can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. Matson infuses just enough background into this tale to get a new reader invested and involved in this marvelous series set in the Pacific Northwest, but I strongly recommend reading the first book, The Dancing Boy, first. Treat Mikkelson is an iconic hero who carries his past in his waking and dreaming life, and I found reading the books in their order allowed me to get more and more familiar with the man. The Pacific Northwest settings are spectacular and had me considering once again planning a vacation up there and maybe even looking into an island rental. Fair Game offers the reader a satisfying mystery and psychological thriller filled with tension, introspection, and a look into the thought processes of a genuinely spooky killer. I knew, after having read the first book in the series, that I was in for a marvelous reading experience with its sequel, but Fair Game actually exceeded my expectations. Fair Game: A Treat Mikkelson Mystery, Book Two is most highly 

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5.0 out of 5 stars Five star read! Welcome a new hero you'll want to see a lot more of., August 27, 2014

This review is from: The Dancing Boy (Paperback)
"The Dancing Boy" introduces a new protagonist I want to see a lot more of. Like Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch,Treat Mikkelson is a Viet Nam vet with a lot of scars that never seem to heal. After a career as a criminologist Treat retreats to a Pacific Northwest island to fish, dig clams and forget as much about the horrors of his past as he can with a little help from Irish whiskey. But trouble seems to find Treat and he just can't say no when asked to help out. Matson's descriptions of the Skagit County people and places bring back a lot of memories to me,back when I was a young reporter on the Bellingham Herald, fresh out of the U.W. Mike was Army. I was a Marine. I'm not ready to forgive him for making a jarhead a heavy but otherwise I rate his first book a five star read.

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Haunted by the loss of his children, his work in law enforcement and memories of Vietnam, all Treat Mikkelson wants is to lead an undisturbed life on his small Puget Sound island but the death of an elderly woman he’s never met draws him into a situation that exposes the raw underbelly of child exploitation.

Margaret Neilssen’s death appears accidental, a broken neck resulting from a late-night fall.  Her friend, Cassie McLaren, however suspects it’s murder and beguiles Mikkelson into investigating. Reluctant to give up his isolation but attracted to Cassie, he agrees to talk to the local police and medical examiner and discovers Cassie is right.

But why was Margaret murdered? The answer leads Mikkelson to the discovery of a smuggling operation involving drugs, weapons and children, and especially to the latest victim of that smuggling--a missing, frightened, eleven-year-old boy.

Drawn deeper and deeper into the search for the missing boy and efforts to identify the source of the smuggling, Mikkelson battles his own personal demons and his fear of commitment to develop a plan to trap the smuggler--a trap that, except for the smuggled boy himself, nearly fails.

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Cheers to you and your work.

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